Made in Love with Chess

What is 2Power6?

For the chess players, by a chess player.

2Power6 is a chess exclusive accessory shop to make chess lovers express and flaunt their love for chess using specially designed outfits and gears.

Our objective is to provide unique chess accessories with creative, stunning and exclusive designs; made using supreme quality materials and cutting edge technology.

Why the name 2Power6?

Naming the brand was equally challenging as creating the brand itself.

We had to come up with an original name which is relevant to chess, without adopting the traditional and cliché terms but also incorporating our brand values such as creativity, uniqueness, originality, simplicity and elegance.

That’s when We came up with the name 2Power6, fulfilling all the above criteria, whilst being catchy and striking.

2^6 = 64 Squares of the chess board.

2 represents the two colors (White & Black) and

6 represents the types of pieces (King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight & Pawn) in chess.

Brain Behind the Scene

Aaditya Jagadeesh

Founder, 2Power6

Aaditya is a passionate chess player from Chennai with a peak FIDE rating of 2134. He studies B.E, Civil engineering at SSN College of Engineering, Chennai.

In 2016, He started the first ever and biggest Indian Chess meme page called ‘Chess Memes – Tamil’ which is followed by 7 Grandmasters and 10 International Masters amongst others.

Favorite Chess players: Garry Kasparov, Bobby Fischer
Favorite Openings: King’s Indian Defence, Sicilian Dragon.

Aakash Jagadeesh

Director, 2Power6

Aakash is a sports enthusiast. He studies 12th grade in Chennai. He is a vivid critic who improvises the design drafts from Aaditya. He looks on the tiny details and enhances the product with detailed brainstorming session with Aaditya, so that all the products you see are top notch in terms of quality and creativity.He manages the back end of the website.